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New Manager Announced

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Edinburgh South are delighted to announce the appointment of John O'Hara as manager. There were some fantastic candidates that would have all brought different skills to the role and undoubtably been a great success but John managed to seal the deal with his interview.

His passion and knowledge about Edinburgh South was unrivalled and matching ethos with the club made him the perfect choice. Community is key and as John calls it the Edinburgh South Family is the driving force behind the success of the club and the team going forward. John has previously managed many clubs, including Edinburgh United, Peebles Rovers, Gala Fairydean, and Liberton Thistle

With his most recent club, Edinburgh United Football club, John helped them achieve promotion with a second place finish. As before mentioned, John has a strong philosophy that a youth pathway is imperative for success and believes in building talents through the age groups to develop and nurture our own talent.

The focus is now on recruiting players, Johns extensive contacts mean we should be seeing some great signing shortly.

The club is very excited about John's appointment, and an interview with the new manager is on our youtube channel, or see below.

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